Street Food Festival

The Roostblog Food Festival is pleased to announce its new weekly food event, the Roostblog Food Market at Town.

The Roostblog Food Festival with Regards to a touring organization with its headquarters in Agra, the Roostblog Food Festival takes place worldwide. which will begin on August 7th and take place in Agra every Saturday.

In addition to bringing together members of the surrounding community, they provide well-known and up-and-coming merchants with the chance to display the delectable and artistic products they have created.

Special Announcement For Food Festival

[August 4th, 2022] – Is there a more delicious way culture may be expressed than via food?

Welcoming you to the climax of everything that has been accomplished in the world of culinary arts within the food festival industry!

The new 20-weekend Roostblog Food Market at Harborside will deliver an unparalleled and mouthwatering food and entertainment experience that will take Agra City by storm. The event was created by the same people who were responsible for the Roostblog  Food Festival.

Salad Testing Lunch

Every weekend for the next five months (beginning on August 16th and ending on December 28th)

Roostblog  Food Market will feature some of the best restaurants in the city, as well as international eateries, food trucks, and a beer and wine garden, which is being put on in collaboration with the Lutze Biergarten.

The market is intended to commemorate the very varied culinary traditions that can be found all across the globe.

A farm-to-table stand, local artisan merchants, art installations, a wide variety of activities and entertainment, and the greatest views of the Downtown New York City skyline will also be featured.

Food Booth Carnival

The Roostblog Food Market will be an event that draws visitors from far and wide to experience the charm of Agra City.

The guests will have the unique chance to sample cuisine from all over the globe, which will be conceived and executed by the region’s most innovative chefs and cooks.

There is no registration cost, and tickets are available now: