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Age Of Decadence Console Commands And Cheats: A Complete Guide

Do you desire to have all the age of decadence console commands to have the best gameplay experience? 

Thus, to make things less hectic, make your time productive, and bring everything to your reach, we have come up with new gaming tricks and tips for the AoD.

So here is all you should know about Age of Decadence cheats, a guide, and much more.

Age Of Decadence Console Commands

As we all know, console commands are instructions that gamers like you can use to work around bugs, experiment, or cheat. You can type these commands to open the console.

Don’t know how to do it? Then continue reading!

1. Grave Accent Or Backtick

  • Located on the left in US keyboards. 
  • Alt Gr + ` on Linux/US international layouts.

2. Section Sign

  • ⇧Shift + 3 in German/Nordic keyboards. 
  • Alt + 2 + 1 in Spanish and Italian keyboards.
  • Alt Gr + 4 or Alt + 0167 on Portuguese keyboards.
  • ⇧Shift + ! and Alt + 2 + 1 on French keyboards.
  • Alt + NumPad 2 + NumPad 1 enters a § in Windows.
  • ⌥Option + 6 enters a § on macOS (US).

In the next sub-topic, let’s have a look at more console commands in Age of Decadence.

List Of Commands In Age Of Decadence

age of decadence console commands
List Of Commands In Age Of Decadence

Here, you will find a list of command parameters along with a description of what they will do.

1. Character scope – Suppose a character scope is not given, then it will default to you. Many targeted commands now accept character ids as the optional 2nd parameter.

There could be a single optional character if no parameters are listed.

2. None scope – You have only one way to use None scope.

3. Global scope – It toggles things globally. Here is an example: marry_anyone allows all characters to marry anyone in the game.

4. Character attributes – The Character attributes range from 0 to 20. These also have diplomacy, intrigue, etc.

But, the attributes get stored in signed bytes, which range from -128 to 127. And the maximum base value a character can get is 127.

When you are loading a save game, the base value gets reduced to 100.it only happens when it is above 100.

5. <Character ID> – You can spot the character IS by hovering over the person’s name and using the Charinfo function.

6. <Province ID> – it corresponds to the ID number found in the chart of Counties.

7. Parameter names – You can replace spaces in them by using underscore (_).

A small note: You cannot open the command that begins from “debug_”. It is only accessible by the developers of the game. 

This was all about the Commands in the Age of Decadence. Let’s find out about new cheats in the game!

Age Of Decadence Cheats

Age Of Decadence Console Commands
Age Of Decadence Cheats

Cheats are useful to increase the gaming experience. If you are beginning, it can give you access to everything that only long-term gamers have.

Are you wondering how to apply the cheats in the Age of Decadence?

Well, you need to press the “~” button to apply and activate the console commands.

Easy, no?

Now you know how to do it. So let’s have a glance at some of the most used cheats in the game:

1. “dlgAddItem”- To add the quantity of any item.

2. “dlgAddRank” – To change the rank range that can vary from 0 to 58 only.

3. “dlgAddSkillPoints (x)” – To add all the general skill points as per your need.

4. “dlgChangeCharacterHP (x)” – It adds positive or negative value which increases or decreases the HP.

5. “dlgChangeMaxHP (x)” – To alter the negative or positive value.

6. “dlgChangeRep (rep,x)” – This reputation cheat is used to alter the Aurelian, duration, the honor, the body count, etc.

7. “dlgChangeSkill (skill name,x)” – It is used to alter your skill value. It cannot be more than 10.

8. “dlgChangeMaxAP (x)” – Adds negative value to decrease, positive to increase

9. “dlgChangeMoney (x)” – Adds negative value to decrease, positive to increase

10. “dlgChangeSkill (skillName, x)” – It can’t go past 10, use a negative value to lower skill, skill names are general, like a dagger, dodge, etc.

11. “dlgChangeStat (statName, x)” – It has str, dex, con, per, int, cha

12. “dlgChangeTraining (skillName, x)” – It has skill names like a dagger, dodge, etc.

These codes are not limited here!

You can use many other commands to alter various features in Age of Decadence that can be found on different websites online.

Cheat Engine Age Of Decadence

age of decadence console commands
Cheat Engine Age Of Decadence

Don’t know how to start a cheat engine in the Age of Decadence game?

It’s quite easy!

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: You can start ck2 cheats or cheat engines while moving ahead with character creation. Set all the starts to 4. (this is really important.)

Step 2: Now, come to the second step. Here, you need to search for the exact value.

Step 3: Then, moving ahead, return to Aod and look for the increased value.

Step 4: You can repeat the steps to narrow down. (This must be done continuously.)

Age Of Decadence Guide

Age of Decadence is a roleplay story game. The idea of this game is to wander around, read the dialogues and make decisions on the spot.

The very first thing a new gamer should do is be fearless when creating a new character. 

That’s right!

This one is a pretty small game if you compare it to other alternative games per playthrough. But there are various things in this game that can make gameplay full of choices.

While you are in the game, you can battle with a monster, kill many beings or avoid all of it together.

Besides, many gamers get tempted to beat every skill challenge in the Age of Decadence. We know that one cannot be good at everything.

Thus, one needs to pick a skill they want to excel in and work hard to do so. All things are intertwined with each other. Plus, this game has many depths as well.

However, there are not many skills available to every class. In this, we have listed some civil skills for your help.

Furthermore, our quick guide will help you to understand the basics of the game. We won’t be giving complete character builds.

But, you may get some new tips related to combat, general gameplay, skills, and stats.

Let’s begin!

1. The Lock-pick is not useful when a thief is spotted. 

2. You can use the Sneak skill to help various characters assassins and thieves. 

3. You can use Traps to ask people who have more knowledge about the Age of Decadence game. 

4. Use Steak skills because it is important for a thief.

5. You can use Disguise for fun and other uses.

A-Pro Tip – Never rely on your characters when things get rough. There is an option to upgrade them to a better version with your gained knowledge. 

Did not find this information sufficient? No worries! 

Keep scrolling to know more in this guide!

1. Age Of Decadence Power Tubes 

age of decadence console commands
age Of Decadence Power Tubes 

Are you pondering, What Are Age Of Decadence Power Tubes?

Well, Power Tubes are small glass-shaped tubes, encased in a metal framework.

This warm-to-touch bright red liquid appears to be continuously firing in liquid fire. It simply warms you, “I CAN BURN YOU.”

You can use the power modules in various games, such as the old facility hangar control panel, the bolter crossbow, the power armor, and the Ghost hand.

A small note: All amazing Power Modules come with a specific ability.

2. Age Of Decadence Power Armor 

It is the finest pre-war armor in the game. It is embellished from tempered steel with raw power. Furthermore, it is harnessed from other planes.

You will definitely love it!

How does it work, you ask?

It comes with different inbuilt abilities. You can use it to your advantage or as a protective shield to restrict the incoming blow.

Wanna know how to acquire this?

Well, one can acquire this in Ganezzar after you accept the quest in Merchants Plaza.

Wait! We are not finished yet!

In addition, the armor has an inbuilt non-removable power armor that has a gauntlet. And you can use it while wearing a helmet.

The power armor has three different modes, which can acquire at least one power module before installation:

  • Horus,
  • Anubis, and
  • Apis

Quite surprising!

How to change them? It’s quite simple!

If you wish to change the modules, you can:

Step 1: Simply right-click on the gauntlet at the bottom of the screen

Step 2: Now, the armor will get activated

Step 3: Their strength can carry as per your need in the game. So you can adjust as per your requirement.

That’s it!

Next, we will learn about the different AoD Endings.

3. Age Of Decadence Endings

There are different endings in the Age of Decadence game, and we are going to uncover each one of them. We have mentioned some of the common ones below:

  • In the No one reigns endings, suppose you flee in the ziggurat. Do not open the sarcophagus, and just leave. In achievement, you may get the sleeping dogs.
  • If you succeed in defeating Agatoth, you can do it either by blowing up the region or via combat. Here, the achievement is a godless world.
  • In the NPC reign region, the Adidas reigns, the Agathoth and Novus Ordo Seclorum are all unlocked achievements. They need to be awakened! Then, convince Adidas to be the servant.
  • In the serenas reign, Awaken the Anathoth. Next, convince the serenas to act as the servant. In the Meru reign, try to convince Meru to act as the servant.
  • In the Miltidas reign in Teron, complete all the Miltiades side quests that begin in the market. It ends when he is standing opposite Feng’s house. You will get several hundred golds.

Our Final Thoughts On The Age Of Decadence Console Commands And Cheats

We hope you found the things you were looking for in our age of decadence console commands and cheats guide.

As we all know, this game is quite popular among the Steam community, and many gamers want to use active cheat codes in the game.

Since this game is new, we are sure our guide will be helpful for you to understand everything. You can even suggest our gaming guide to your gaming buddies.

Also, visit our website soon to read more about new commands and cheat codes for different games.

Enjoy your game!

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